The Tahitian Pearl: The Islands’ Allure Captured In A Timeless Treasure.

There is no other gem or precious object so identified with its place of origin as the Tahitian pearl. Since the time of seafaring chiefs and kings, the Tahitian pearl has been revered for its luster and rare beauty. Today, it’s not necessary to be an arii, or royalty, to wear these consummate symbols of island elegance. Now the only requisite is discovering the best source of authentic Tahitian pearls – ones that marry the highest quality with striking, award-winning design. You’ve arrived at such a place: Tahia Exquisite Tahitian Pearls.

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Exclusive. Original. Unrivaled. Tahia’s designs represent the ultimate expression of Tahitian pearls. Our selection includes a ravishing palette of jewel tones that evoke the islands’ mystery and magic. They’re then rendered into designs that fulfill your quest to have a deepened connection to the elusive beauty of French Polynesia expressed through her precious gems of the sea.

Explore our e-shop where our experts are always on-hand to assist and guide you selecting a piece as unique as you are. Find the designs that speak to your muse and allow the artisans in our workshop to then turn your vision into something you will cherish for a lifetime.

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