Coral Garden

Your private lagoon


The allure of Tahiti’s pristine lagoons is sumptuously summoned in this *award-winning signature design. Dive deeply into the coral motifs elaborated with an 18Kt white gold diamond necklace and seven multi-hued Tahitian pearls.

Tahitian Pearls 18Kt white gold diamond necklace.
Also available in 18Kt yellow gold.

Award winning design by Hawaii Jewelers Association

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Tahitian pearls description:

forme de la perle de Tahiti

Shape: Round


Grade: A or B



Size: 11 to 13mm


couleur de la perle de Tahiti

Color: Multi


Jewel components:

Matière de la perle de Tahiti

Metal: 18Kt white Gold

Type de perle de Tahiti

Precious stones: Diamonds


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